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Rip Spaniel lurcher...... Rosie

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So sorry for your loss. I loved reading about her and, as I've mentioned on here before, your writing about her even made me doubt my allegiance to kelpies and consider a gun dog or gun dog lurcher.

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Good that you were with her. I am sure you had lots of great times and if the dogs have a good life that's most important. Out of 10 in my lifetime I've had one dog suffer a fatal injury so while it's uncommon it's also a real risk. The balance of risk for me is seeing dogs (and ferrets) obviously loving every moment of working quarry

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Sad to hear this my mate lost his spaniel x whippet a wile back though it had an illness and he said he felt the loss of said dog more than any other he had ever had. I hope you get to the bottom of it mate just to put your mind at rest.

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6 hours ago, white van man said:

Sorry to hear. Looked a great dog and something a bit different. Will you get another spaniel type lurcher? 

If I get another lurcher  in the future I would like spaniel in the mix for sure. Having it in the mix exceeded my expectations.....most lurchers I’ve had are happy to just walk the path....she’d  be everywhere except the path sniffing and looking always busy plotting her next move.

Might be tempted to get a smaller type in the future though....maybe a spaniel x terrier or something. These days everybody just wants to stick there nose in everybody else’s business when your out with the lurchers......too many do gooders.

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