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Are they pairing up about now?

I only ask because I was out, yesterday evening. Coming back, I said to my mate that Fox fox would likely be waiting for her grub. But, surprisingly, she wasn't there.

Short while later, I went out with her grub and saw her down by the trees ~ she's usually right up by the track, waiting. Then, to my great surprise, I saw another pair of eyes, close enough to her.

I don't really keep a calendar of what foxes do, when. But, am I not right in thinking they start getting together about this time of year?

Wonder what I'll find presently?


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1 hour ago, walshie said:

Bit early really. You normally hear them calling for mates from the end of November onwards. At least round here you do. 

When it gets colder here, sometimes well before Christmas.

Cheers, D.

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12 hours ago, Ken's Deputy said:

Hmm. Thanks, Walshie. And, interestingly, she was alone, tonight. Back in her usual place.

Wonder what That was all about then? :hmm:


She probably had a friend come to visit and thought she’d show off a bit and took her to see the human she’s trained to fetch her dinner ..👍👍

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The keeper has heard them calling on one of my permissions, had a litter born in december time on another permission local to me as the litter was well above ground when found on a shoot day a few years back. Different thing i know but i was watching hares boxing yesterday and not many times round my way will you see a single hare out on it's own so there at all year round and iv'e found fist sized leverets on a shoot day...

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