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Best .223 round for fox.

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Just got my FAC and was granted a 223 so went for the tikka TX3 supervarment.for the last 3 weeks I have been practising of sticks the quad and of the back of the Polaris .Had a few nights out and knocked over a few foxes using hornaday v max 55 grain there doing the job ok but is there anything better as I am not 100% happy with some of the groups I’m getting on paper.has anyone got the same rifle and found a more comparable round? any help and advice much appreciated.

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Tikka .223 always used to be available in 1-8 or 1-12 twist, mine is 1-8 and does fire a good range of bullet weight well, but I run mine almost exclusively with 55g, either V-Max or SP, most generally the PRVI SP.  Works for me, but you will need to try ammo to see what works best in your barrel and on your quarry!

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