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Goose shooting on farm newbie help

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Hello folks 


ok so I can shoot geese on my mates farm it’s going to be very amateurish me my dog and Number 3’s in steel. It’s not a wetland but will use steel as have them. I’m in the Scottish Borders is there anything else legally I need to do or be aware of.

Thanks for your time and help 

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Seeing as nobody has replied I'll give you some info from my experiences of wildfowling albeit 30+ years back. 😀

Check the seasons and legitimate species (BASC site etc) used to be 31st Jan inland and Foreshore Feb 15th for geese but possibly changed?

I'd use bigger shot tbh, AAA, number 1? They are tough buggers 😀

Safe shooting, fill yer boots,

Cheers, D.

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3 minutes ago, Kenny_mac said:


They are in season and inland on new grass will get More cartridges 

geese inland 1st September till 31st January 

Thanks again 


I would buy some lead cartridges if I was you ....36g 1s will do the trick. Also if you are using steel make sure that you are not shooting  more than half choke. Buy a few sillosock decoys and only shoot when they are in close 👍 Where in the Borders are you ?

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Posted (edited)

Hello I’m in the Peebles area

This is probably not going to be a regular thing just fancied having a goose one night.

it’s also an excuse to get my arse out the door early one morning 

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I had a few pinks this morning, as said above do your home work, I used no 1 Solway steel, there’s loads of pinks about but still hopping from one stubble to the next, still plenty of food around and  there not pushed at all, 

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Thanks folks I was helping him with sheep and quite a few skeins took of and landed during the day so thought I might have a crack at them will have to look into their routine.

Can only find out information about shooting them on the foreshore not inland that’s why I’m asking. As far as I can work out I have permission and they are in season so I’m good to go.

 Thanks again everyone.


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