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Pocket full of nets and a couple of dogs...

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Nice quick session this morning before the rain came.

Met Geth (White Van Man) at 8am, put a few long purse nets in our pockets to stop the top of the hedges and the rest was up to thd dogs...took his cracking young bitch Dotty and my old hound Fergie...

It all went well, bolted a few, caught a few mainly thanks to the dogs and missed a couple....sat in the sun and had a yap whilst drinking Coffee supplied by my "in the field carer", Geth...lol... even packed us up some ham and cheese wraps and short cake biscuits... thanks mate..

We were done by 10-30... both had a list of jobs for the afternoon...I've just finished mine, how you getting on mate?

So 6 in the bag and the dogs stretched their legs... Happy days..




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35 minutes ago, socks said:

Nice little chilled morning out .. perfect 👍 

Suits me fine mate... social and a few runs...

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48 minutes ago, white van man said:

Great morning cheers mate. Dot done ok. Got all my jobs done in record time! Get another walk in the diary soon. 👍👍

Haha.... jobs on a Sunday, sad twats eh!! Lol

Yeah get Dot out as much as we can this season, she's turning into a cracking thing mate...

Get your next couple of weeks graft out of the way and we'll get out...

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40 minutes ago, OldPhil said:

Sounds idyllic,...I don't get out much these days,...wish I was there🙏

Always welcome down here with us Phil, we'll get the youngsters to do the graft one day and we can just sit back and enjoy...

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27 minutes ago, Neal said:

I was lucky enough to be invited out by Geth once while on holiday on Dartmoor; true gent!👍


He must of been on best behaviour that day!! Lol







Nah, he's a good bloke, there's still some decent dog lads about, its not all doom and gloom like people would have you think...

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