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Today's the day that I finally own a proper rifle, as bigmac97kt put it this morning🤣

Finally took his advice on what to get and what's good out there, and after deciding I wasn't the biggest fan of pcp and enjoyed a springer more, it was just by luck the local range and 2 pretty much brand new hw97s in, it was between a sporter stock or a KT and we both loved the stock on the KT so it was decided that it was mine.

So picked it up today and put the Hawke vantage on and now to get it polished which I'm sure Jimmy will gladly help with😉 just to get it zeroed and ready for going out shooting. 







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3 hours ago, Dervburner said:

Might get one myself, I fancy a 77. The only thing is, I know I’ll end up throwing more dosh at it for tuning and a custom stock.........oh dear😬


I'll be on my best behaviour with the mrs, for a couple of weeks.  Got a 97 and 99 I'm lusting after at the moment!  Lol

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37 minutes ago, JayB0 said:

I have been looking at custom stocks and I have to say they look amazing but the prices dont🤣

Yours will never shoot as good as mine j

I'm doing the tuning on yours 

I'll make sure it don't 


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Hi Jason, that same big fella spent a good while telling me how good the 97 was too.

                I`ve been a .177 man for a good 10 years now and Simon ( Pianoman ) was selling his .177 cal 97 which I duly bought.

                Not for one second have I ever regretted buying that gun, they are class and thanks for nagging me Jimmy.



Best of luck with your 97 Jason - you'll love that rifle. :good:

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