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Pup prices

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9 hours ago, Neal said:

I started researching for my next kelpie pup over a year ago and started panicking when I saw that the average was £1,200 and some were £2,500! Fortunately I went back to the same farmer who bred my current eldest and will be picking up my pup in three weeks at only a couple of hundred more than I paid for him more than seven years ago.


 I've not bought a pup for decades,...I never realised, just how much money these hybridised running dogs and pure bred Herders actually go for....I am genuinely shocked❗

Obviously, time and current prices for working dogs, has simply passed me by...

If I do decide to go round, just one more time,...I guess I am gonna need,.. a bigger wallet.😃

All the best lads, stay safe now, regards, OldPhil 🙏

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Just to put things in context. A decent pair of wellies will cost £100-£150 and last probably less than a year of hard wear. Four top end new mud terrain tyres for a pick up will cost between £700 and

Have you bred litters yourself?  I know there are always people on here giving their opinion on how much dogs should be sold for, but have never bred a litter and never intend to, but they still think

I was lucky to be gifted my 4 year old boy when he was a pup and I've recently bought a well bred sal bull grey gave 300 got 50 back for luck didn't know the man before I met him that day. There are s

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40 minutes ago, leegreen said:

top end wellies come with a 24 month warranty and top end mud terrains last 30-40,000 miles.

Pups last for 10-15 years 

Won’t even cover warranty for dairy use the cnuts 

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2 minutes ago, Allan P said:

Twelve-month-old Kim smashes the record for the world's most expensive sheepdog.

My mistake £27,000

That’s the thing with farmers to mate they want quality just the same as us but don’t twist about the price,as they know they need it and will make there money back from working it.

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Do you want to know something sad about that bitch? She got bought not as a working dog, but as effectively as a breeder. And yes there is a difference between a welsh collie and a welsh sheep dog.

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