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Terriers how many digs in a single season

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On 23/09/2021 at 00:30, Countryman62 said:

And that’s the most important thing being happy with your own dog 👍, he looks a handy tyke for sure, atb

Cheers mate ye as long as you’re happy with your dog that’s all what counts hopefully mating him next month to a decent bitch and keep a pup so happy with that atb longers01 

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I broke through to find him stiff he was only 5 and mute but to hard for his own good.I don’t know if he has a fit or something,I let my young dog in to finish them off it was 2 foxes and it was blizz

Who the f**k keeps 20 terriers?I only ever needed 2 decent workers when I was out at least twice a week as Id always pretty much be hunting with at least one sometimes two other lads that also had ter

Cheers mate I’ve just got these 4 now and they are firery little feckers

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All depends your area you work and style some places Bayer's wouldn't be up for the job and therefore the harder type would be needed but would need more recovery time so a hard question to pinpoint and vise versa an exact number or even a near number it's too diverse. Just say a guy has 10 terriers working terriers well fair play to him but how good are they and if only another guy has two Bayer's how good are they also? it's different for every terrierman . I know what your trying to get at basically the big dick Jim says my dog got 40 digs this season well my advise is to let him wobble his thing too and froe because I can assure you that guys terrier didn't do 4 to 5 hours plus below , two to three days a week during the season. Very very unlikely

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