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Dogs throwing the towel in and breeding.

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2 minutes ago, trigger2 said:

There’s a lot of variables in what makes a good dog, e.g you can have a old dog that’s been worked hard on hard land that’s not caught has much as a young dog that’s been worked on easier land so numbers although it helps is not a true measure as such but gives you a good idea.

also how a dogs worked plays a part in it as well if a hare coursing dog has 3 slips with 40 yds law given and catches 3 of them is it a better dog than one that’s had 3 slips with 100yds law given that makes the ground up and catches 2? 



Either will do me lol

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Bred a litter of terrier pups a few yrs ago  and kept back 2 bitches..reared and treated both the same,had them out from pups,pegged out at digs so they could learn the crack,the smooth bitch went the

Posted Sunday at 13:21 "I was walking a pup I had in the valleys and happened into a chap who was shooting a bit close to me, to warn me away from walking near a field or what

Remember this saying your dogs only have to please one person there owner not some bloke who thinks hes the world's leading authority in the running dog world enjoy your mutts and feck  any body else 

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Just now, sid g said:

 if the breeding and bloodlines are right why would`nt you,  i`ve known  lads take a pup off unproven stock to get em out the shit and to keep bloodlines going ,, 

See above. 

Like I said bloodlines do matter but let's not forget it was the work that moulded them in to what they are. 

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4 minutes ago, Greb147 said:

So why not go back to the parents or other littermates that have been worked? 

You can do it but it don’t mean there going to breed better pups than the 2 from the same line that ain’t been worked. There’s no guarantees 

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1 minute ago, W. Katchum said:

You never saw terriers grab an let go an grab an in an out doing the hokey pokey 😂 I don’t breed so I wouldn’t but no I wouldn’t have a pup off such dogs 😂

Yes and I wouldn't think about breeding them tbh. 

A fella I knew had a stunning looking Lakey type, if looks could kill it would be a winner. 

Well put ratting it was squealing like a cut pig when bitten and picking it's spots, thanks but no thanks. 😁

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6 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

You never saw terriers grab an let go an grab an in an out doing the hokey pokey 😂 I don’t breed so I wouldn’t but no I wouldn’t have a pup off such dogs 😂

Ah but there’s a difference there as it depends on what the dog has done that day. If this was rat number 50 then yep I’m with you. But if it’s rat number 500 when the dog is completely chin strapped then it’s fair enough. 

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I got a terrier here its no exaggeration hes killed more on hes own and seen more variety than alot of lurchers fetches to me land or water trust him fully will not even entertain a hole ive watched things drop in on hes nose. Obviously dont encourage the hole thing as i dont keep him For that. 

rubbish or what ?

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