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Lurcher grabbing older dogs legs?

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My mate's terrier used to do it, little b*****d. Just got over excited and nipped as he passed/played Dickhead actually didn't react tbh (thank fuuck) but I did once lol, I booted it with a size 10 hiking boot lol. My mate and me nearly ended up having a full on ruck, on top of a mountain over it. England V's Poland on a Spanish mountain ffs 🤦‍♂️ 😂

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4 hours ago, hbb said:

We use rabbit skin and hide to try and do “mock lamping”, however the shelter believes she was abandoned due to not being a good enough Hunter and other lurcher owners who we’ve met who go lamping have said she doesn’t have the right temperament for it. 

How old is it?

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10 hours ago, hbb said:

We use rabbit skin and hide to try and do “mock lamping”, however the shelter believes she was abandoned due to not being a good enough Hunter and other lurcher owners who we’ve met who go lamping have said she doesn’t have the right temperament for it. 

Might of just had a dickhead owner, all the running dogs I've owned have had different temps from a coiled spring type to very laid back and have worked ok. Once they work the rabbit skin play seems to not interest them, they just become serious and grow up quick.

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Sounds like the lurcher just wants to play as my youngster does it to me old whippet type ,she will play bite and run around him trying get him to run and play and once both running around it's like they playing catch .

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26 minutes ago, SheepChaser said:

Really 😂 shock collar for a dog that’s playing .....

Wish I'd blown mines head off before now, the playing has evolved into something a bit more serious, but I'd be concerned she might think the other dog created the pain , and might want vengeance 🙈

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Every single Lurcher I’ve ever had was a twat as a pup, hanging off the older dogs, hassling the terriers, chewing on me and anything else to hand ...... it’s just what pups do isn’t it ? 

Like the pup I have now, up until recently if you stuck your face in hers she would be likely to chew your nose, ear, head 😂 not like I was worried she was going to savage people .....

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Redirect the energy, using a lure, rabbit skin on a bit of string, to give the youngster something legitimate to go for, and don't let them off the lead at the same time. Half the trick of good training is not to let a dog get into the habit of doing something you don't want it to do. Once it's got into a habit, far harder to get them out of it. There's no point shouting or telling the youngster off, and if you do they just grow to see you as a spoiler of fun. It will grow up eventually, but it is up to you to protect the older dog, and keep the youngster engaged with fun games.

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      Well lads I’m just looking for some advice on my pup if anyone can help he was jumping against a wall and fell awkwardly on his back right leg there was a little squeal nothing much out of him but he has it held up since and is limping around he’s in good enough form he try’s to run around with other lurcher but I checked it and felt it out nothing is broken that I can tell but when I motion the leg and give it a stretch inwards and outward it hurts him?? 
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      She is a stunning wee dog, very unique markings, great temperament.
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      Help Required as to ancestry /history of my saluki /Greyhound. 
      I have just lost my dog of a lifetime to cancer, she was 11/12 yrs old.I am truly heartbroken. 
      I'm not a hunter,but have always loved sight hounds in particular salukis.
      My dog Fern was a very distinguishable sighthound ,her colouring alone a mutated dilute. Was quite a show stopper. I'd have people literally stopping cars to ask what she was as she held herself well and looked awesome. 
      She was Steel and tan with a white butterfly on chest. White tips on feet. 
      Fur like velvet and shone.
      A glamourous looking dog.
      She passed through I believe 5 lurcher men before coming to me age around 4 yrs. 
      I had her 8 yrs. 
      I have  sketchy details of her young life and know she was initially used as a racing dog and then a lampers dog. Until she hurt her spine and broke a toe.  
      Fern was born around 2009,lived in North East England (Northumberland).
      I believe she had two litters of puppies (do you have one?)
      Lived Winlaton, Mickley,Prudhoe , Ryton, Greenside, Horsley.
      I believe her father (sire) may of being khan jihad. 
      I believe her mother (dam) was a steel greyhound and was a Irish coursing champion.  
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      Who bred Fern?
      Does her heritage fit time scale wise?
      I would dearly love to know as I said, totally in bits at her loss. 
      I just want to try and recreate her or seek out someone who might be able too from same lineage. 
      Whilst I'm not a hunter, I turned Fern from huntress to helper in that I used her skills and abilities to bring deer out to me to photograph, as I'm a professional photographer. We were quite a team. 
      I just loved everything about that girl.
      Thanks for any help received.

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