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Ferret Colours

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Proper late to be having Kits, but this is the Jill that lost her last litter, she came back in season so thought I'd try again. Kits are four weeks today.

My question is what colour do you think the ones that are lighter grey might turn out to be ?  Only bred two other litters before and they were Albino to a Sandy, so all started white then went darker.  The Hob used is a lighter brown than my Jill.

Also, my other two Jills and one castrated hob have been moved into another hutch and I left her in the big avairy, what age of the kits do you think I can bring them back in?


Cheers :)


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12 minutes ago, ferret333 said:

I'd of called them silvers...

In the pic you have polecats and silvers 👍

I'll be buzzing if they stay Silvers, just wasn't sure at how old they are when they get their adult colours :)

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