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I have the Lite, not sure what the differences are between the two.  I had a lyman before, that kept over throwing powder probably 30% of the time. 

I loaded up 50 rounds of 40g H380  with the Lite and only had two go over to 40.1 g.  The first one I tipped it back in the tube, the 2nd one I gave three or four sec's and it settled dead on the 40g.

Im very happy with mine, simple to use and is a good bit of kit, Iv'e tested it on Lab scales and it was spot on .

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As with most RCBS kit , they are good quality and I believe they are very accurate. I have just invested in a Lyman gen 6 . So I did a bit of research. The RCBS powder systems were more expensive. The difference between the normal RCBS and the lite is that you can save load data on the normal one , and it’s also slightly faster , maybe a couple of seconds faster on an individual throw of powder , than the lite counterpart. I am in no way an expert or have tested them myself. This is just from the research I did prior to buying the Lyman . Which incidentally has been performing perfectly for me . But it’s early days , I’ve only had it a fortnight and done a handful of different loads . But so far so good . 

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