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Pye bred dogs

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Wouldn't bother mate find your self a pup out parents doing what you want , going have loads people messaging you  selling pye line breed dogs when truth is pie been dead that long his blood his blood

🤔 I've scant knowledge of Bull bred Lurchers,.. however,...I would endorse that advice regarding breeding.. I remember , many years ago when I kept 'Hard Blood' , non pedigree, race whippets..


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14 minutes ago, fireman said:

No i haven't got a lurcher, i did think about that coursing bred litter on here a few weeks back.A well bred well reared litter at a price you couldn't say no at really.I didn't buy one because if i do get another lurcher it needs to be able to handle the rough stuff and one of those i felt would be lacking in body. In the heavier work some lurchers may have done pre ban catching the game was only half the job,in your world mate without sounding rude a scream and a half hearted kick from puss is all your dogs get when it catches and never do they end up fighting for their lives as much as the quarry is...

You need a strong dog but them a fens would a been big strong dogs mate 👍


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30 minutes ago, awen said:

The lad who bred these called them blackwater dogs, running joke but to be fair they deserved some name

I thought that Blackwater stuff was the Chance dog to a Tumbler or sommat like that?

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1 hour ago, Bosun11 said:

I thought that Blackwater stuff was the Chance dog to a Tumbler or sommat like that?

The " Blackwater" stuff was Chance to Tiny, and Chance to Belle the Tumbler, i had a pup off both litters, and Chance went to only one other bitch i think. 

Make no mistake, this breeding was extremely well tested, Tiny and Chance especially, these lads were a close knit bunch all bang at it, there was also a big red dog on the crew called Cue, i had a pup off him too, very game dog sadly killed in the field in his second season. 

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