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Hare meat is delicious,I've eaten lots,the wife cooks them and their done proper,slow cooker all the way ,red wine gravy and surrounded by veg,lordy...lordy ....lordy

I'd like to restock some land with hares, but I'd rather net them then relocate, but I reckon any opportunity to put something back would be a good thing, whether captive bred or otherwise

Hare is lovely to eat one of my favourites. Slow cooked and falling apart. Fresh it don't need no hanging  

On 06/08/2021 at 20:01, mush said:

Didn't know you could breed hares in a hutch. Wish it was in English.



Mush, if you go to configuration/settings you click on configuration. Choose the option Spanish automatic translation. Than you will see the option automatic translation choose that option than you will get a Language choice menu. Than you get an idea what its all about.

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