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Early morning on the beach

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The beach is the safest place at this time of year. 

Dogs can swim freely and use their limbs and muscles, without the risk, of strains or damage.👏

We are lucky here on Hi De Hi Island, so we hit the surf at every opportunity.

 Stay safe Brothers, all the best, Old Phil.🙏


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1 minute ago, brambles said:

Thought that was a tracking collar on auld Bruce, till I zoomed in 🤣🤣

Flea collar under in help for the ticks up there place is full of.them with the amount of deer 

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At this time of year I dont venture to far from the water ,a beach a great place if your lucky anufe to live near one but any water your dog can have a dip from lake to a Brook will do the job of keeping them cool and all the better if its deep anufe for them to swim .20210612_093126.jpg.f13db5fd5050cb2c108273349a0ab1ac.jpg

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