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Spent a couple of years on a cattle station in central Queensland in me early 20s . Just went over backpacking originally, but after drinking all me cash in the first month ended up with a job on this

It's not about money it's about power

I don't think that's true, a dog that has caught plenty of pigs will have the scars to show for its efforts ,even if its just a bailer. One out a big boar can make short work of a dog in fact I lost(k

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On 08/08/2021 at 17:27, Greb147 said:

So how often does a dog get killed when it's got a chest plate on, what percentages are we dealing with here? Cos let's face it, they are designed to stop a hog going through a bleeder and killing the dog in short order.

And yes I've given an example of Danes being used, go check up on that Cali Catcher fella, he even uses pures as catch dogs, are you claiming that they will be deep game dogs?

AB's are excellent catch dogs but they couldn't hold a candle to an APBT for gameness.

And again before you get on your high horse I said dogs that excel at the game need to have a lot of drive and grit, most dog breeds wouldn't entertain the idea of getting stuck in to a pig.

Like I said, it's all relative.

I'll stand by my opinion that a working terrier of the right mould requires more heart than a pig dog.

Again though, we are arguing over definitions and splitting hairs.

yes ,the working dog world has its fair share of passionate hunters who's views are very strongly linked to what they have  seen & done .

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On 20/07/2021 at 22:40, chartpolski said:

My memory may be wrong, but I'm sure it was Scotsman who had Zeus at the Bedlington show, I had a good chat with him, there and the Hawick show.

Im sure he wouldn't mind me putting up a couple of pics of Zeus I took at the time;









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10 hours ago, stormyboy said:

You made the right life choice there. 😂 

You obviously know him then! 

I remember him from years ago posting on here that was more than enough 🤣

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7 minutes ago, joe ox said:

Never met the man or any of his dogs nor would I ever want to.

No worries I been out with some shithouse dog owners  but a  couple had some smart dogs. But we got a personality contest going on lol 

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