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Italian Greyhounds (and crosses)

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They are a Toy breed. Useless for any hunting. Biggest health problem with them is breaking their legs jumping off the sofa. If you want a "mini greyhound" get a Whippet ? Cheers.

An Australian Borzoi, Im sure the owner won't mind me posting the pic, in fact, I think he may be a member on here; A UK Borzoi I judged at a show some years ago; Cheers.

Believe it or not, I will be more than likely jumped on , but this Italian stops plenty rabbits, it had plenty  of drive ,it’s crazy when it gets a scent but the same as last time this topic arose ,th

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I bought one back in the mid 60s, for a neighbour of mine, I paid the princely sum of two shillings and sixpence = today @

12 and half new pence it was a fawn with a little white blaze down his front of his chest, she knitted him a coat, he was only about 8 weeks old when I bought him, the woman had him for a bout 10 to 12 years, and needless to say he never had the pleasure of chasing a rabbit, The woman thought the world of the little fella,  

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A few years back my Mrs wanted a house dog and was flat out for an Italian Greyhound.

Although i've never wanted a dog living in, i did a bit of reserch asked a few questions on here, most to a lady called 'Little Lurcher' who owned a couple and had some crossed with whippets or lurchers.

Came to the conclusion that they are just a toy breed in almost every way and far too delicate for any sort of field work, or even just general life in our household.

They simply break very easy and from what i learned, a Chiwawa would be more robust..! ?

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On 25/07/2021 at 20:21, Scheme_Lakeland said:

after hearing about their wee brittle legs ive decided against asking my pal for a shot of the wee fecker, no point in a dog made out of glass 

Buddy , I'm up in castlemilk.  Where is it you plan to work your terrier and possible small lurcher . Now I know theres good rat populations at the back of the viridor site and along the railway to rutherglen where there are some rabbits in the industrial estates . But let me advise you . IF your terrier takes to a working life . It wont make old bones around your estate . The fox problem as you know is of plague proportions.  Your dog WILL come across them . Between the busy roads and railway.  You wont have a dog long . I was treating for rats recently at toryglen . I couldn't let my fell terrier work there . And the fox earths are everywhere.  Added in all the snowflakes walking their dogs etc. 

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22 minutes ago, shaaark said:

Feet turned out, hocks turned in = cow hocked.

Pic is knees out but still has wide stance this wouldn't bother me really 

Cow hocked more hocks close together that would bother me 

But I suppose your right mate ?

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2 minutes ago, shaaark said:

Yeah, I was gonna say, you can't get a dog with cow hocked knees!  ? ?


When the knees out a bit but it still has  a wide stance hocks are not close together it wouldn't really bother me ?

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29 minutes ago, mC HULL said:

When the knees out a bit but it still has  a wide stance hocks are not close together it wouldn't really bother me ?

Magoo!  STOP, please?!  You're f****n creasing me again here!!!  ??

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