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Evening all,

I have been reading up about crucian carp and their ability to survive under ridiculous hardship when necessary.  I gave a big pond in my field tgat is generally very chocolate brown because of my ducks and geese. I'm considering buying some crucians to stock it, I've found a place that sells them to commercial fisheries,  but my pond although big is not that big 😂

Anyone gave any first gand experience of keeping them? Know of a place I could by 50 or less?

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There is an issue about crucians at the moment. Many are hybrids, crossed with other species of small carp. If you contact the EA fisheries department they might be able to advise as some people are looking to preserve the true crucians and could be interested in stocking a lake with no other species of carp jn it. 

Tench would also suit that sort of water.

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