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Let’s see your collie x greyhounds.

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Funny really, I used to browse here quite a while back when I was a lanky teenage lad roaming round with terriers and ferrets - encouraged by my grandfather as ‘if you’re busy with dogs you’re too busy to get in to any other sort of trouble.’ How wrong he was eh. There was an array of scatterbred little things and they kept me busy at the time. All gone now as time took them one by one, and it’s a bit like a different world fifteen/sixteen years later. I never really got seriously involved in stuff and kept myself to myself as really was only ever bothered with bushing and mooching, as just liked an excuse to be out and about in the countryside. I only came back here after losing a dog recently, to have a nose to see if there were any lurcher type litters on the ground as felt it was the best place to look rather than one of the websites online full of all sorts. and came across this thread. Was a bit hesitant about posting at all as wasn’t sure how a first post from a new member would be received - which I understand completely in the current climate but with the collie type admirers here, I wanted to share my Lad.


Now he was no Collie lurcher, despite looking like one, and no border collie either. He was a rough collie, but nothing like the show bred shite you see now that look like a stuffed toy. He came from old old lines, most of which still shift cattle, and actually was just bought as a house dog, but loved a bit of sport as much as any other dog and from an early age. He did it all himself at first so who was I to say no. He was game as they come and although we never did anything with anyone that could bite back, he worked just about everything else with a calm and sensible head. Steady and quiet as they come as a dog, for a sizeable lump he could shift some speed, biddable and an all round good lad. We had a lot of fun together. I lost him last week aged only 8, went off his back legs and started having all manner of problems. Was a tumour that had spread in the end, so let him go. Was asked a few times about putting him over lurcher bitches of various breeding and always said no - regret not having someone back from him. Reckon they would have been interesting.

No world beater but an honest, biddable dog who did the job and went about life with no trouble. Which for many of us, is all you want of a dog. Kept me grandparents with a few rabbits and others in the freezer until they both went on to meet their makers, and was an all round great excuse to getting out and about. Bit of a depressing first post really, but every once in a while you get a dog that really gets under your skin and he was one for sure. Could take him anywhere and do anything with him - plus nobody ever asked questions about strolling about with a big grey lassie thing so there were other perks too.

Some cracking animals on this thread. Nice to see the collie types in all their varieties are still out there. The big rough lurchers with beardie blood in were something I used to see quite a bit once upon a time, not so much these days even just out and about. The bidable nature of the herders and their types always enamour me, there’s a certain type of respect they give and expect.



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My 3 year old Collie/Greyhound stands 25 inches. 

I'm biased but he's probably as good as you could get as an all round collie greyhound,  his only downfall is his owners past his prime 🤔

The Border Collie as a breed, is fairly varied in both type, size and shape, therefore,..when we see a variety of lurchers created from differing Sires and Dams,..there will frequently be an amazing a

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