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Ok lads I have 3 T50 torches and  a T67 which are all playing up .Basically the switches are unreliable sometimes work sometimes dont. Therefore I am after some new ones before the season starts , any suggestions what you are using at present. I like the Red Led and want something reliable. What is about these days and what do you recommend?

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@FOXHUNTER, did you ever get a replacement torch? Not a lot of response to your question.

I run two identical Sytong 850NM torches, one on my HT-66 and another on a 'Cheap as Chips' P1S-0540 that I have had for over 2 years now. I was up the hill only an hour ago watching a pig at just over 400 meters. I was using the P1S-0540 with the Sytong 850NM. Now granted, there was a bit of moonlight and the NV devices are always better with a bit of ambient light, but with the Sytong 850NM I have watched and identified pigs at 600 meters. I have used them to shoot deer and pigs out to 280 meters.

I am in New Zealand and purchased the Sytong torches from the local Sytong agent. Here is a link to the product here.


Add one of these Sytong 850NM IR Torches as the main light source for your HT-660 or as an additional light...

In the specs they claim that it extends the range of their NV products to 300 meters. I can assure you that this is a very conservative measurement, they do way better than that except in inclement weather. I am sure that you will have a closer agent or retailer in the UK.

On one battery charge I am getting an hour or more runtime though continuous runtime on maximum power is best kept to 15 minutes at a time as they then start to heat up. I think they are a very good piece of kit and quite small and compact. They are priced here at $NZ 79 which is probably less than 30 pound in the UK.

Anyway, a bit belated but I hope you find it useful. If you have purchased something else already would love to know what it is and what you think of it....always keen to learn about new kit.




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Just in regard to my previous post, this is the device that I was using to scan the hillside tonight and watch the pig at 400 meters.


It is a P1S-0540 Night Vision that I picked up off Aliexpress over 2 years ago for the grand sum of about $US 70

The IR Illuminator attached to the bottom rail is a Sytong 850 NM IR torch purchased locally here in New Zealand.



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