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ferret food

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just wondering what others feed their ferrets and how they get there ferret food. 


ill start of with my own the main food for my ferrets are brown rats. i hunt mostly brown rats with my ferrets so that is what i catch the most, and so what i feed them the most.  i only keep the rats for food that i'm quite sure of that they can not have eaten poisen. i keep these rats in a freezer of 160liter and so far when i can fill it all the way up in the winter months i got enough food for them for the summer months when the ferrets get there pups and so eat more and the ratting jobs are less and with less succes than the winter months.  the population of ferrets here sinds i first stated with them about 7 years ago. from just one ferret up to about 25 working ferrets last year. and ill try to keep some extra ferrets for comming year.   my working ferrets are bred  quite small because i need small workers to be able to chase the small rats down their narrow paths. and with these smaller ferrets i also need to feed less than with bigger ferrets.

next to their rat dieet they also get some other foods now and then. 

sometimes i go rabbiting with them and they get the left overs from butchering.

i get some chikekens and roosters now and then and they get the left overs from butchering or the old ones whole.

the get geese sometimes withhout the breast fillets(that i prefer to keep for myself) 

in the summer months when there are many fleis and many ferret pups  and moms to feed i give then dreid cat food as extra so that i am sure that they at least can eat enough but dont leave the meat for the flies, they mostly prefer the meat but can eat there belly full with cat food when the meat is gone. the feeding of the dried cat food is also handy with the pups that are beeing sold because those pups are used to eat both meat and dried kibble. 

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Hi Mate  I feed little meat in the morning and evening out side their hutch they then go in a run on the lawn for the day. Then I feed a bowl of Alpha ferret food when they go back in the hutch. I don't think Cat kibbles is recommended for ferret as it does not have enough fat in it. Atb.

Cheers Arry

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This time of year, I chop frozen rabbits up with my axe into little pieces, just enough for a few hours. As the flies are the problem. I also leave ferret kibble with them 24/7. Just have to clear out the leftovers from the rabbits every day. 

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as far as a know ferret kibble can be as bad or even worse than some ferret kibble. i thought the most important thing was that. it had a high meat percentage. and as little as possible carbohydrates.  my ferrets get verry little amount of kibble anyhow compared to meat. 

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This time of yr I pick up roadkill,quick sniff,it's it's still got its eyes ,all good...knock stuff over with a catty or air rifle... normally in the season they get rabbits that we catch or the raw that the dogs get👍DSC_2108.JPG.65fe831a08113ba077fb21f3ea3a75e6.JPG

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