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Well bred saluki lurcher pups

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On 31/05/2021 at 22:29, shaaark said:

Just thinking aloud really mate.  👍

I do think scurlogue champ would've been the better dog to use though.  He obviously had more nutural stamina, as well as the required speed.

Thirty years ago pal , Bally Reagan Bob was the one of the greatest dogs that ever stepped  on the sand 

I don’t think the owner of scurlogue champ wanted to go the lurcher blood way 

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13 minutes ago, thefensarefarbutistillgo said:

Sire to the pups, ugly bugger like his dad buddy but all top class old school breeding with no crap mixed in 


It’s like buddy has been coloured in 👌👌

you do have to say that the big daft white piece of work hasn’t half  thrown his stamp around in the game 

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On 31/05/2021 at 23:51, thefensarefarbutistillgo said:

Swoop, mother to joe 


RIP Stick . Man was a gentleman.  He did tell me swoop was as close to the perfect dog in his opinion 

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Stunning pups, with exceptional bloodlines, a decent price too.

I'd snap one of these up in a heartbeat if i didn't have my little bin licking Scouser bred cur...

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2 minutes ago, thefensarefarbutistillgo said:

Pups 9 weeks old today and have had first jabs, smooth white dog and red feathered dog left to go will take £395 each, bargain of the century 🏆, pm me if interested 

Absolutely mental they’ve not gone, considering the tripe folk snap up 😂 if they were Beddy whippets you’d have had your arm bitten off 😂 

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10 minutes ago, SheepChaser said:

Absolutely mental they’ve not gone, considering the tripe folk snap up 😂 if they were Beddy whippets you’d have had your arm bitten off 😂 

the bitch throws out and out killers but need working homes or waste dont think theres to many of them on here lol

get them on internet mate look some the shite at min for sale they go no time 

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Bargain price for quality bred pups wit proper blood mental there still available hope they get the homes they deserve working homes at that 

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