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Manning ferritails hawk


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Never had any experience with ferritails but I have with harris hawks and only fairly recently a goshawk. Found the goshawk a lot harder just due to the nature of the bird but think what moorman is saying pretty much bang on as the manning process is same with all just some may take a bit longer just depends on the nature of the bird really. Are you thinking of getting one bud?

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Hi Trout slayer, top man for info, yeah one of my favourite saying is,,,,, 3reasons why not? It's financially correct, I'll gain new skills, an alot of knowledge,,,,, an as we kna knowledge is powerful my friend!I think they are Pr, is parent reared better than imprint? They ready too fly the nest, lol, 4wks so I got bit of time too get ready. The breeder lives close to me too, I had 💡 idea ask him if I buy chick, would he mentor me???? Two ways to skin a cat! Have pleasant day keeping smiling onwards and upwards! 

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That be ideal [BANNED TEXT] if you can get a mentor. Nothing better than experience and only way to gain experience is by taking the plunge and getting one in my opinion aslong as the works been put in before hand ie reading books/dvds ect. As you say [BANNED TEXT] onwards and upwards good luck with your bird bud and keep us updated with your progress. If you get stuck with anything as we all do and have done I'm sure plenty lads on here will offer good advice as they have for me. 

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