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bowline whippet x greyhounds longdogs

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Hi,..now listen up fellah,...I've never met you and have no problem with you.... I have not slagged your breeding off,.I would not do such a thing,...why would I ? You say I contacted you wi

dogs alot a the time was providing the meat mate so shite wasnt tollerated dogs went for 1000 pound in the 80s mate some  pups 300  notes then  remember wages price of living as increased look pr

Not sure how far back lads want to go when talking about prices for jukels🤔 I can only talk of the 60's through to the 80's and 90's ,...after that, I went legit, and things changed...😀 My c

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58 minutes ago, low plains drifter said:


We had to empty all the dog shit bins with our teeth, having had our arms pulled off at the shoulders, twenty five hours a day 8 days a week, and we paid them, then we huddled around a freezing cold lump of gravel to keep warm

You had a lump of cold gravel?!!  😲  ............  😑

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2 minutes ago, low plains drifter said:

Well, when I say a lump of cold gravel it was  just a lump of fossilized rat shit really, but it was a lump of cold gravel to us

You know?

I don't feel so hard done by now, sounds a lot like what we had.  🙂👍

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4 hours ago, W. Katchum said:

An you walk 20/30 mile a few times a week with tenner Dunlop’s on 😂


Only a Cnut that’s never walked 20 mile would come out with they shite 😁



if have a grew, a grey/whip, I’v always been a lover of them types, an I always slate folk for planning years ahead with dogs an it rarely pans out, but if this kelpiex makes the bitch j hope for, then I prob put a grew over her, but there again I really enjoying having a halfx about agajn so Could end up with another 😂

Wellies been used years mate 😆 muddy fields what would you use 

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9 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

Well wellies like the dogs come on diff standards pal, try diff thing it will surprise you 😁😂

When you find the right wellie its like the right type of dog mate you don't chop and change 😆 

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