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Trail cameras help

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Afternoon Gents and Gentettes,

Looking at getting a trail camera for a small plot of land I have acquired for fallow deer.

Its only a small site so will mainly be high seat territory but it backs onto sheffield park so there is a lot of traffic as the fallow move through.  I know they move through there all the time so I just need to work out the times of day etc that they do.  So I am thinking of putting up a trail camera just to get an idea.  

There seems to be alot on ebay that are cheap, anyone used them, how do they rate them?  I know people say buy cheap buy twice etc but its not really my style to use lots of technology so I will only be using them on this small plot of land so I dont really want to buy a really expensive camera only to find I hardly use it.


Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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They are spot on, I use them off eBay and have had good results from them, when I get home I’ll put a picture up of the ones I use, I think they are about 35 quid, they’ve got a little screen in them so you can watch back in the field 

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I’ve shot around there for many years , in fact one of my permissions backed onto Sheffield Park , I wouldn’t bother buying anything , the place is running with deer and on a small plot a bit of time & observation will be all you need .If it’s anything like mine you can see as easily as anything where they are walking out and what time ..if I was shooting my place , which like yours was only small , I’d be in one of the two seats at least an hour and a half before dark , and just wait it out . Early mornings it was just a gamble if they were out in a particular field or the garden I could get a shot , if the wind was right .The trouble with tiny plots ( 25acres) like mine is you don’t have the room to actually stalk around to get a safe shot without bumping them , the times I’ve been over there and the deer are out , the winds wrong and you know they will have you scented or seen the minute you open the car door .

Mine was just knocking over a few for a friend who was being eaten out of house & home by them , forty or more in her horse paddocks was common and her fences were pushed over on a regular basis so I just put up a couple of seats , plotted up and waited .They seemed to follow a feeding cycle where they would appear the same time , same place for a week or so then you wouldn’t see them , save the odd one or two walking through , for a couple of weeks before returning in numbers , weather was another huge factor ...I did have the benefit of her ringing me when they appeared so I never had loads of wasted days , and it was on route to my other places around there so could call in if I was passing ..average year would see twelve to fifteen in the larder which for the size of the place was a decent number . It made not a jot of difference to the local fallow population .

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