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23 minutes ago, Busher100 said:

Lined my first x bull grey to my coursing bred bitch outta Romeo x pure saluki  3 weeks ago will know in couple weeks if she taken I’ll be chuffed if they come the same stamp as the pup you’ve picked 👌

Hope she has took mate don’t think you can go far wrong with this cross for an all round lurcher if there bred right like mate atb longers01 

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Carnt wait to pick my new pup up in 3 weeks time looking forward to running a new lurcher on black one mine atb longers01 

Cheers mate my mate lost his dog 2 weeks before with cancer gutted he was so someone dropped out on a bitch pup 2 days after id been and picked my pup up so he was buzzing he was at work i had a week

Pups growing 9 weeks old on Tuesday well happy with her atb longers01 

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22 hours ago, longers01 said:

Hope she has took mate don’t think you can go far wrong with this cross for an all round lurcher if there bred right like mate atb longers01 

Did that brindle saluki bull grey bitch you had make anything decent? 

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11 minutes ago, longers01 said:

No mate just wasn’t up to the job 

Fair enough mate your honest about it👍 Only one I’ve had of this breeding was a load of shit too she was mainly bull x only small drop saluki in her wouldn’t of made grade for any job tbh 

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Just now, longers01 said:

I had one 20+ years ago half cross bull greyhound to a half cross saluki greyhound brilliant all round lurcher loved teeth could catch daytime roe and hare atb longers01 

When they come right I don’t there’s many x that will better them but when they come shit they’re real shit 😂

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20 hours ago, Busher100 said:

I think aslong as they throw more to the bull x physically and mentally your onto a winner I only want coursing dog in em for the stamina/recovery rate of in them nothing else 

Bull x physically and mentally ?? Want stamina / recovery that’s all ? 
the coursing bred brings speed stamina and can read the land better than any dog mate 

you don’t want it physically like a bull x or you won’t have any stamina/recovery 😂

when you put a coursing bred Lucas say he’s 2/3 saluki to a 5:8 grey 3/8 bull  

so when you lads doing these the dogs are quality because of the bull 😂 less than a quarter bull in em nearly half Sal and they got all quality’s from the bull 😂 👍

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39 minutes ago, Moocher71 said:

I nearly got a pup bred this way last yr ,lad was gifting her to me as well but not got room until old dog gone but this is the x I get next time .

All round dogs I think mate great lampers good in the day aswell 👍

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