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Lawn care maintenance.. tips and advice!

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I don't mind admitting i like a nice looking lawn.. so thought I'd start a thread going in order to gain and hopefully share a bit of advice around what to do to get that grass in tip top condition re

Did a mini renno 10 days ago with the aim of having decent looking bit of turn for a bank holl weekend bbq. Had been away for 2 weeks and when i got back the grass was looking pretty shit to ssy

Grosure fast active mate comes up in a week no lie brilliant stuff 

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4 hours ago, W. Katchum said:

What seeds you using?

Good question mate! Started reading into things but not made a decision just yet. 

Looks tidy stuff that B&M mentioned above.. just checked it out on Amazon.

I've secretary been watching a few videos from this fella here.. don't tell anyone though!!?

Got the online shop too with different seed option.. decisions decisions.. lol...


Shady areas, deep green, hardwaring or fine fescue. A range of Premium Lawn Seed for any lawn and landscaping use with high germination


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On 07/04/2021 at 08:18, Bangersanmash said:

I've just ordered myself one of these the top pic. After putting the holes in I back fill with fine sand. A chap who works for local council golf course told me how to go on. But you could get these to slip of your boots or trainers don't look too bad depending on how hard the ground is tho atb 



Should use sharp sand and not a fine sand 

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I've had yet another epic hour on the fork today and it's mentally done me in again!!

Almost there now before i get some seed down. Just hope all this is worth it come summer!!

Cutting a few weed grassss out as i spot them too... (Poa.. or somtimes called Annual Meadowgrass)



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Yes aeration is the key,we aim to solid tine the greens with the Toro pro core at least once a month.

It's helps with drainage,puts new oxygen to the roots which is vital to healthy turf.

As far as the moss I use a soluble iron which dries the moss out and then scarify to pull it out.The aim of the game is to keep the dew off the grass as that's where moss and disease thrive so brushing and switching the dew off the turf will help prevent it ?


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5 hours ago, spindolero said:

i put moss killer on mine last year, moss went black and was raked up - i seeded those patches but the moss is back this year sadly

Try aerating that area affected by the moss mate.

I was using this iron sulphate last year and it's solved  a bit of a moss problem i had on part my lawn that gets shaded a fair bit by a fence a d conifers.


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3 minutes ago, Bush Rummager said:

Just waiting and watering now..

5kg of seed..



6 bags of top dressing.. it went further than i thought to be honest... 


You don't want to be putting lawn feed and grass seed down at the same time

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20 minutes ago, Chid said:

You don't want to be putting lawn feed and grass seed down at the same time

If that dressing has got 'feed' in it.. then it's too late mate!

I don't think, or I'm assuming, it hasn't got added fertiliser in it.

Just trace nutrients from organic matter I'd imagine.

I haven't done a lawn reno before Chid... I'm just winging it with a few tips off the web..?

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