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The life of Brian

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Today I officially retired my dog Brian from the foxing World. First of all I would like to thank busher for gifting me this fantastic animal all them moons ago .for that I am forever grateful and he

Brian enjoying Sun & Keeping Finley Company while he was sanding his walking stick down 😁👍

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47 minutes ago, chrisbullx said:

Griffin/beagle/terrier mix mate 

Thanks mate, if you ever breed something like the 2 in pics and pups spare to buy you might let me know pal, favour will be returned what ever way I can 👍

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I will be putting Brian over a few chosen bitches but as for open Stud I’m sorry lads that won’t be happening as I didn’t get him for that reason but for sure will have a few pups down here from him as it would be shame not to keep his genes going as he’s some dog all credit to Foxpack 👌 atb cbx 

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As chris states the dog can be used on a certain bitches .and it's no disrespect to anyone .but he's got a excellent pedigree and really want to keep it going best we can .he has lined russell type bitches who lads on here own .they have made the grade .he has lined beagle x cockers and straight terrier and they have made the grade. Hopefully we can kee p things going and hopefully we still have his type in years to come .he has served us well and has worth his weight in gold in my eyes 

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2 hours ago, chrisbullx said:

Well I give old Brian Trim he looks 10yrs younger 😁 Him & Izzy been knocking Rabbits up every day plus another few solid marks today 👌489A5DF2-9989-434C-86A8-88586483AEFF.jpeg.7ba868b31ff1088438491bf02a61729d.jpegE09700AF-44CA-41BC-8EF4-0FAA37EA31AC.jpeg.2d06afef6215516dde0bc7dd09ddb685.jpegABC98864-6027-4D68-A5E6-878D8A7CBAD7.jpeg.403bd24bd86abebca45200b16a25e8ea.jpeg

Like I said mate .u trim me I look 10 years younger 🤣🤣

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26 minutes ago, chrisbullx said:

Brian & Izzy had another cracking days bushing with my mates pack must of pushed out easy in between 20-30 rabbits another great day in great company & Finley a happy Lad ED689191-044E-4FCC-9BCC-5DAFC6C14211.jpeg.90d033305e4868b308b87004bf9e0ae5.jpegFE58B6BF-F465-494C-A542-02860F000574.jpeg.cf550126c549a753919be325dcc233c5.jpeg7A24E67F-E613-4416-B6DC-20614A1DA830.jpeg.9fa648c54793ac1083ba008a01511a74.jpeg😁👍

That’s nice to see Chris 👍

cracking ground as well ... could be gods own Yorkshire that mate 👍

ATB ... Tony

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