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Seal hunting in london

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The same would have 2 apply 2 cats then stalking about all over the shant killing everything that moves ,no.training no.leads no recall chipping feck all just let the feckers out come back when the ca

it seems not only have pets become part of the family and humanised but they are going to be judged the same as humans too ,soon a dog will be up in court for shoplifting if it takes a packet of biscu

Cats are the down fall for most British finches on the decline out without a bell on.  They need to start putting them down if out without a bell on 

1 hour ago, forest of dean redneck said:

Wonder what one of those malamute lurchers would of been like on seal ?😇

It's 1 thing dropping on a pup off the Thames estuary, try a bull elephant seal off Antarctica in January 

Theres seals and there's seals 🦭

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Thing is lads thinking all these Tw%ts won’t make a difference is a mistake they on national tv every week plugging away at the cause we need someone to talk common sense on our behalf, before it’s to late 

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The woman's done that walk many of times with the dog it's ment to be a laid back dog. " She put her hands up an said sorry even paid towards the seals treatment " You can't do anything  more than that to show your deepest remorse for the seal getting harmed. And as for packham if we didn't hunt game would many still say he's a prick. Alot of us call him because he's a naturist and think that all naturist are against hunting but that's not that the fact.  " If game needs to be Kulled badgers , Deer and other game he's even said that life. Long as it's done the correct way then there's no problem . We all know when he talks about anti hunting  he's on about fools going out hunting game leaving it at the side of the roads like many of us have seen by the picture some of the fellow hunters have shown on here that dick heads by them have left about .    There the ones that give us a bad name. I'm into breeding  British birds an like to watch spring watch and have to say the man's got a lot of knowledge on wildlife and have to say he's a clever c**t when it comes to all the animal kingdom 

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In my opinion it's wasn't the dog that killed that seal but the stress. Absolutely the owner shouldn't have let it happen but if the rescuers had let it go back into the sea straight away I reckon it would've survived. I suspect it would be feeling a bit sorry for itself now but starting to heal up and certainly not dead. The stress of the attack followed by being wrestled into a van and taken to a rescue, who clearly had no idea how to deal with it, would have had a far worse adverse affect than the injuries themselves. Animals are far tougher physically than humans, I've seen deer, foxes and rabbits all survive and thrive with missing limbs. Stress is a killer to wild animals though, if those deer or whatever had been 'rescued' after whatever injury had caused the loss of the limb I'd expect they'd be dead now.

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10 hours ago, Aussie Whip said:

I don't know, after watching those highly enlightened dog experts I'm getting my whippets PTS on case they mistake a kid for a rabbit.

It's 4 the best

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