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ratting long net

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i do a lot of ratting with my ferrets and dogs. i now use an old wing of a fyke. 

i use the netting not to really get the rats tangeld up in it but just to prevent the rats to go from one hiding place to the next. 

i bought some netting on alliexpress and treid to make a long net from that. and it does work fine for sttopping the rats. but the netting is so light that it is blown up by the wind. and it rippes to easy when my dogs catch a rat inside the netting and also when there are brambels and such around. 

so i'm wondering if someone else here would know of a netting that could be bought that might be good for my pupose. 

the mesh of the netting would need to be somewhere between 1,5cm till 2cm 

if there is netting that allready has a lead line at the bottem it would even be more great(but i can always make that myself if it would lower the price enough.

also i wonder if there is dyneema netting with this small mesh for reasonable price, and if so if that might be an option for me.(less weight to carry around and way more stronger) 

and are there people who make nets from dyneema themselves? and if so what knot are used for dyneema netting?(might be a hell of a work to make a longnet for ratting concidering how many knots just one net would have.)

link of the ali express netting that i used 


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You tried the green dust sheeting mesh we used on buildings it wont ball up the rats but guide them to where you want for the dogs 

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have not treid that green sheeting/mesh. my thought was that this also would not follow the shape of uneven ground as simple as nylon netting. (but have to be honest i have not realy treid it yet) and i find that longnetting rats is differnt than rabbits. for rats it important that the rat first can run over a peace op net that lies flat on the gound before it walks against the net that stands straight up. this is important because otherwise many rats crawl under the netting.  of what material is that green sheeting mesh made? is that not poly propyleen?

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as far as i know a scaffold netting is less flexiible and thus takes way more time to put in a rat proof way over uneven ground over rubbish over remains of undergrowth and stuff like that. i prefer a heavy flexible netting that takes the shape of uneven ground quick and without much efford.  

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i used to use the micro mesh garden netting you can buy in b and q or garden centres...... and just use some hazel sticks cut long enough just to prop it up...... its not the most durable but cheap enough and comes in long lengths as its for covering garden areas..... and was only there to stop them long enough to do what had to be done.....

cheers 👍

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