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Fu**ing hares.

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I’ve been away clearing an MOD ammunition dump of rabbits the last few days. This morning was the last day and as we were about to finish a fukcing hare decides to come trotting past. Took my black bitch all over the place including mostly over the concrete roads and hard standings. 
long story sideways she has taken every nail on all four feet down to the quick 😡😡😡

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12 minutes ago, Marsh Lad said:

Theses things happen ,at least it’s the end of the season 

Not for me I do this all year round as a job. I’m away on Thursday again and the dogs will be working on shale for three days. 

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1 hour ago, terryd said:

As you mostly net every thing wouldn't a nice chunky little busher that holds a line and marks be all you need ?

Not quite mate as my dogs have to do a whole host of jobs. She is the last big dog I will own and that’s one of the reasons I’ve put the small dog in pup ........

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what do you lads use on split pads, and stoppers, seem to take an age to seal up when all four feet are cut up, owned a couple of dogs preban, where hares took them onto tarmac roads, and on a disused airfield, came back in a hell of a state,out of action for a good while,but thats hares  clever way of escape, ran plenty but got alot of respect for them, ultimate test for dogs in daytime.

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