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When I was fresh out of school and full of the knowledge of dozens of gamekeeping books I was obsessed with trapping vermin. Lamping was happening but not with the scale it is today and obviously ther

Place the trap in front of a computer screen with a live feed to this site. After 10 minuets  of reading it will kill itself ........

These 2 av back filled a couple tunnels an talpex the last week, cleared 35 moles off one big 16 acre field an most come within first visit or 2, had enough after a couple back fills an stuck couple p

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On 21/03/2021 at 01:20, Ken's Deputy said:

👍 Out of 'Likes', mate.

But, yeah; It's fukking laughable, when you stop and think about it, with a clear head. The amount of pure bullshit we willingly accept, just because it fits our own agenda.

At around fifteen, a person may start purporting 'Facts' they've heard of, or read by then. That shit can become their own, inviolable Truth, for decades.

By around fifty ? Man should have matured enough to recognise his own narrative. Then, turn round and confront it. Examine his shit as objectively as the Colonic Lab workers do! 😬

I'm long enough past both, now. Dunno what my death bed view will be. But, yeah, for now? Yeah. Allow yourself to realise the pleasure of just not Having to need to have the last word.

Be willing to accept that the shit you picked up, donkeys years ago. Shit you've since spent a life time defending and even promulgating? May be  just that: Shit.

Great, isn't it? I may get screamed at as " Kwiss Packham ". An " Anti ". " Wanker! " for typing that.

Want an open debate? I'm ready 😎

Saw a youtube video where some lad in one of those chinky countrys, used a dog to mark rat nests, and yer man proceeded to dig out the burrow till he reached the nest. In went the arm and pulled out rats, one by one and put them into a sack. Large and small rats. Never blinked an eye handling them.

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47 minutes ago, gnipper said:

They weren't brown rats if it's the video I'm thinking of with the basenji type dog, I can't remember what they were off the top of my head but weren't rattus norvegicus. 

Your probably right. I tried to find the video but seems to be gone. Plenty of similar ones, but not half as good. 

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16 hours ago, EDDIE B said:

Your probably right. I tried to find the video but seems to be gone. Plenty of similar ones, but not half as good. 

Same here mate I was trawling through YouTube trying to find it.

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On 28/03/2021 at 19:09, Staffy1 said:

Good traps although  had some very twitchy rats that even stay away from these recently although generally very good , these were set under a shed 





Staffy what’s that bait your using in them Bc’s ?
Hard to see in pic


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11 hours ago, W. Katchum said:

Aye I thought little crab apples 😳

Jeez never seen them that small before.

never thought of that as bait either. 
neighbour down the street has 2 rats out the back 2 live traps and two snap traps set can’t catch them. 
maybe try Apple what u reckon?

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