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Anyway.......About this covid/vaccine

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I bumped into south hams and king yesterday.   

Mate i didnt have the jab because the government told me to i had the jab because far more intelligent and qualified minds than mine or yours told me to.....i'll be perfectly honest,if it wasnt for a

Would that be the same John McDonnell who said the IRA should be honoured for bombing Britain ?  The same John McDonnell who has a plaque in his office honouring IRA "martyrs" ? The avowed c

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On 24/05/2021 at 14:23, Arry said:

It's the most vaccinated country in the world, but infections have risen in the island nation.

Cheers Arry

For the same reason that the UK is seeing increases. The vaccines are causing the variants. Makes sense when you think about it. 

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On 20/05/2021 at 12:39, Neobliviscaris1776 said:

This is clearly an attempt to increase cases and subsequently another lockdown is imminent later this year.

Operation 'Onion Bhaji.'

I heard it was operation chicken tikka corvid 💁‍♂️😂

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8 hours ago, stonewall said:

Dustin Broadbery The government is pressing ahead with its Vaccine Passport and plans for a two-tier society are afoot. The effrontery of those leading the charge...


The EU had a vaccine passport plan since 2018,an the virus appeared on 2019???????

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And another 19mil for me mates 🤔🤔

They are now asking for volunteers, after scaring half the population into being Guinean pigs already, the more of this shit people keep swallowing the more these pricks will keep upping the game, the human zoo, as interesting and predictable as a shit soap 🤔

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Looks like trump has been vindicated again,faucci an the ex head of the CDC are saying now,it came from a lab ffs 

Tho trump was branded a racist conspiracy theorist along with alot of others who are not stupid an knew it came from the lab.

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Trump was right again an of course got shot down a called racist blah blah.

So Dr fukki  an the who has been caught out lying again,leaked emails show he knew the virus came from the Wuhan lab over a year ago,an said nothing.

Because him an the elite are in bed with China,an I think are in on the scheme together,ffs he even admitted to working an supplying the lab with money,but had Nothing to do with the virus getting out. 


LYING f***ing SCUMBAG, youse vaccine heads are so gullible an ni aeve,yous BELEIVE anything as long as Dr fukki an the who say so 

Trump was right,the who are a disgrace an need investigated.

But as usual it will go under the radar or the dimwits will take no notice,but there's a few senators calling for his head.


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The actual source of the virus has nothing to do with a vaccine, Ive believed from the start the virus came from the Wuhan lab rather than the wet market, to me it was just too much of a coincidence that the virus had originated in the market with a lab working on the same type of thing was a fckn stones thow away, Im also amazed that anyone would for 1 minute believe any statement made by the chinese govt

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