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Fence treatment recommendations... help me.... please!!

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Had about 25 new fence panels and 2 big gates, all tanilised, about 18 month ago.

They've dried out nicely... but are now looking a bit drab and in need of a coat or two to give them some life.

Lookig for something clear.. don't really want to commit to a colour. Just something that will enhance the natural wood colour whilst adding a bit of protection against UV bleaching and prevent mould developing ad some of the fence doesn't get direct sun light.

I've wasted far too much time today reading into this... Thought job would be done in 2 minutes on amazon.. but no, so any suggestions as what to get or what to avoid would help greatly.

Something that actually soaks into wood would be ideal.. but there's water based, solvent based.. silicone based... and oils!!

Talk about a can of worms!!

Any ideas folks??.........ūüĎć


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I use the new creosote, need do it again this year, think its about 50 ish quid a drum for the new coal tar stuff, still smells the part an brings grain out in wood lovely, think you need somebody to buy it tho as it only for professional use

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My dad used to paint his sheds and fences every year with a mixture of creosote and used engine oil. A testament to this is his chicken shed belonged to his grandfather and my dad was still using it when he died at 78. As Henry Ford said though, " you can have any colour you like as long as it's black ".

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8 hours ago, DEERMAN said:

I used the new creosote for few gates and one shed, but for a log cabin I got I use the clear Barrenttine stuff.

Like you said once you go into it a bit it can get confusing¬†ūüėĬ†

Gets vey confusing the more you look into it I'm finding!!

Settled...for now.. on this Barrettine stuff, as i really want something clear, at least for now...

Useful site this is. I've read somewhere you can use the Barrettine log cadin treatment over the top of this.. for super duper protection!!

It ain't going to be a cheap job though!!


Buy Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative at Wood Finishes Direct. Perfect for use on all exterior wood including fences, sheds, summerhouses and decking.


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Well i did a bit of prep at the weekend and jet  washed the panels down. 

They wasn't to bad to be fair, although a few where's still showing a bit of green alge.. 

This stuff did a cracking job. I sprayed the lot, the panels, concrete posts and gravle boards.

A day later... and it's cleaned them up nicely, ready for treating once i get something ordered..




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Bit of a follow up.. just in case one person in the universe is interested!!

Opted for the Barrettine in the end.. ordered 3 for now.. see how they go down and then judge how may more I'll need to finish.

£40 each on Prime.. but check this.... £30 each at Toolstation with free next day delivery!! 

Bang on that i thought. Just got to put the f**king stuff on now!!


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