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Price rise in pups

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There's still good honest folks gifting well-bred pups out there..... Im waiting for a pup, only charge is the price of the dock and a few days fishing on one of my waters.... I've just offered an adu

Personally, I would sooner gift a rabbiting tyke to a genuine good home than accept vonga for it... Loads of good lads around the UK,...plenty of nice average hunting jukels available...👍  O

Working dog lads will go to people who breed working dogs. The peddlers, profiteers, and breeders of non-working bred pups will still have people buying their pups, but genuine lads will still ei

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7 hours ago, bird said:

true mate , if people are soft enough to pay silly prices for dogs, people will keep breeding them . ive said on these posts before that all dogs  shit and piss the same , so why pay , say £ 300 quid for one type , then another £1, 300 quid  , ok  you get certain  breeds , that just bred for one type job, gundog,police dog, coursing dog, fighting dog ,  digging dogs , lurchers ,and even the above tops for me be £ 800 , and that be breaking me fookin arm , ive been lucky maybe with lurchers most were given to me, most i paid  was for a  pit x grey in the 80s £ 120 quid , bullmastiff was prob he most £ 250 thats in the 80s the staffs and pit were about £ 200 , so suppose a fair wack , but nothing like today prices people pay. in fact i was talking to my son  few weeks ago , about dogs etc, as you prob know ive got little woody his jack x , he said maybe when his kids are older and full time school , might have one , i said leave it 4-5 years  and look at rescue  whippet types  easy to look after  and dont break the bank to buy one from there £ 50-100 quid  money goes back for up keep of dogs, and most only want chance of life. yep get one from there deff 

Thats the trouble sometimes, not enough people investing time and money into their dogs and breeding to improve but just always on the look out for a bargain or a freeby but never actually breeding themselves  and so putting something back.


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1 hour ago, dogmandont said:

I'd jack it in before I'd pay the silly prices some are asking. 


been thinking on those same lines  ever since this crazy price hike began, lurchers been in my life for 65 yrs, born and brought up with them,  remember when no money ever changed hands for dogs,just on the barter exchange payment, in the1960sremember blokes paying round the 10 or15 pounds for quality bred lurchers,last lurcher ibought was in2015 paid 300 pounds thought itwas steep at the time, but he was bred for the type of work ineeded him for and suited my life style,never did ithink i would see the day, lurchers and dogs of all types would be reaching telephone numbers, lets hope prices level out after lock down,wouldnt pay prices and couldnt afford to  at the moment

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5 minutes ago, mC HULL said:

What you spend more if your mam was paying ? 

you normally pay for something with your own money lol


If it’s my money then a few hundred quid to cover rearing is enough anything else is a piss take imho, if it’s your money, I don’t really care an my mam ain’t type to buy a dog 😂

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