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Hi Folks, I'm selling a Air Arms S200 and all the kit to go with it. I've shared details what I've got going with the bundle. But not sure a fair price to sell it for? Anyone in the know of what's it's worth please let me know. Thanks.

Air Arms S200 .22, With magazine attachment-Two ten shot magazines, Silencer, Scope:Nikko Sterling-White Crown 4-12 x40, Rod for cleaning barrel,Bag for gun, Superdome pellets-300 or so pellets left out of 500,Scuba tank and attachments ready to fill gun, Logan gun lamp and battery.

Bundle is located off of M25 J6 RH8, if anyone is interested.





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Proper set up that. Thats been used... as it should. 

S200... 500'ish coins new... as its had a bit of use, the rifle/optic I would say is worth 200-250 like, so maybe complete kit 400-450. Ya might get a bit more selling as individual items. 

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I wouldn't say anything about cleaning the barrel with a rod in fact take that out of the equasion as it is wise not to use it and stick with a pull through.  I saw an S200 yesterday in my rfd for £325 but he is putting a profit for the company and the last one I had sold for £300 in cracking condition with a better scope, the bottle, depending on expiry date about £80 is what I bought one for a pal with 4 years left on it so for me I would be looking to sell all in at around £400 (if you have plenty of life in the air cylinder) as the lamp is somewhat outdated now and worth next to nothing.

I must say that I by far prefer the split stock you have, thats was the same as my old one, nicer pistol grip and with the forend track fitted, various accessories can be fitted. I would like another, a great pity they don't have an air gauge fitted so the need to count shots fired although I was going to have Ratworks fit a gauge/filler but never got round to it. Really under rated gun in my humble opinion.

Hope that helps


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2 hours ago, fixwheelmad said:

Hi there, interested in this item, local as SM6, can I view if still available? Many thanks E

I would send him a PM as he has not posted anything since June so you may have greater success sending a message.


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