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best feet, what best type lurcher ?

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22 hours ago, Bosun11 said:

Funny though ain't it, because in 20+ years of running big heavy half crosses, on all quarry, all over the country, none of mine ever had foot injuries... 🤷

Same as that, never had any major issues with bull xs feet, very little minor issues either come to think of it. 

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You are right there Fireman,...I had many years of loyal service from my hybrid Heelers,.. real strong, well -padded feet...👍 No probs....😉  

Good feet,no in fact bloody good feet are another thing those ACDx's i have seen have had...

i know saying them M word on these sites can get emotional ....but i think the best feet ive seen were Andys dog Jack.....and he past those on to my old bitch Venus....i honestly cant remember her hav

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I don’t think there’s any certain cross that throws a dog/litter with bad feet as a rule I think it’s individual dog out of any breeding were a dog with bad feet pops up That’s what I believe any how but at the same time I wouldn’t breed out of a dog with bad feet as I think it’s a breeding fault I think if you start doubling up on faults it produces faults in the breeding of any lurcher  

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1 hour ago, Aussie Whip said:

I think dogs that are light on their feet, over here whippets, staghounds, deerhounds seem to fare the best. It's like my old Suzuki going over ground the Landcruisers used to get bogged in.

You normally hunt dry land mate hard  underfoot  

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11 hours ago, mC HULL said:

You normally hunt dry land mate hard  underfoot  

Mainly steep rocky hill country,the smaller,lighter dogs, whippet/stag or whippet/ deerhound seem to catch more and I've never had any trouble with their feet apart from the odd dew claw if they have them.

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