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The plummer terrier

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Little bitch I got here has never started a fight in her life, could see it being a problem if she didn’t get out regular tho tbh like most highly driven terriers 👍 like micky has said, my lads w

And that is why most folk don't like the plummer terrier.....But as a fella who mooched with lurchers,ferreted both rats and rabbits, ratted a lot and  for a few digs a season the one i had i have nev

a couple of images of my russell/ plummer. for interest

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11 hours ago, bobthebuilder said:

a couple of images of my russell/ plummer. for interest



Smart...did you used to own a Wheaton X whippet called Ozzie? recognise the type of work you do ...if your who I'm thinking off😁👍

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6 minutes ago, bobthebuilder said:

no the guy that wired him up forgot to put in a recall. spend half my life looking for the little B, its not a total disaster though. if i can get him in sight my lurcher pins him and holds him for me 🤣

🤣 A few good days ratting in company, especially if you've got a couple of specks on the same place, will usually see any terrier sticking with the group because thats where the action is.

Seen it work with a few 'bought in' terriers over the years, two of which were Plummers. 

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