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Legat 355 - Electro Optic

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KEY FEATURES: - Image scaling towards center of reticle; - Scalable reticles; - Automatic inversion of reticle; - Six zeroing profiles; - Picture-in-picture option (PiP); - Minimal zeroing pitch ever for such class...


The Legat 355 is similar to a Rico RL42 in performance and image, it uses an iRay sensor, although has less features than an equivalent iRay scope model.

Difference between an F1.1 lens and F1.0 is not noticeable to the naked eye. , Claimed netD is <45mk from Electro Optic although current iRay sensors are <50mk other sellers of the unit claim <40mk making there own figures up...some claim 6x optical. Electro Optic claim 5.5x optical..

Not a bad unit like most of the current thermal rifle scopes from multiple manufacturers, small format, utilises a Pulsar mount system, uses a 18650 battery.. but all the 12 micron variants suffer against equivalent 17 micron in poor thermal conditions... these have less warranty and cost more money than a Rico which also have recording, gyroscope, LRF and ultra clear options, the 640 model equivalent iRay Rico is substantially cheaper than the equivalent model Legat and again has more features and longer warranty period.

It is produced in Belarus by Electro Optic. It is not manufactured in the UK, anyone stating this, well there telling lies as usual... there just assembling some components back together to avoid weapon mounted licensing... misleading information . It's like getting a scope rail sent separate or battery cap and saying you have manufactured the unit in the UK... Trade price £2000 ex vat for the Legat 355

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