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But you would all taste  a fanny, ? Look what comes out of that......🙄

They also drowned witches in those same country villages  I'll stick to my findus crispy pancakes.... I know what's in them 😉👍

Yeah they kept em alive, don't mean they taste nice. The old polish block heads eat carp cos it's traditional, cos they don't have any coast line, yet show em a piece of cod and they will sell their o

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Just now, micky said:

You would be  eating  a Stoat .

a big fat one with meaty thighs ,lol  back straps and shoulder of brock ,,,id give it a go for sure


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43 minutes ago, chartpolski said:

I boiled a badger ham years ago to see how it was.

There was a thick gray scum on it and it stank.

I didn't bother tasting it.......


🤢 , dont  think  my dogs would eat either  lol 

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Why would you? 

Im sure the chinks make dog taste nice but as civilised English gents we are surely better than that. 

If anyone's so hard up that you are considering eating dirty scanky brock then send me a pm and I'll lend you enough to go down aldi and buy a nice piece of gammon. Because even though attaching the word ham to something makes it sound nice there really isn't anything you can do to it that would make it taste anything like pork. 

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Tasted Badger years ago and from what I remember it tasted lovely, even the fat was melt in yer mouth. Bloke that cooked it also had a Green Wood Pecker, that was tough. The Badger was fresh road kill and the Wood Pecker flew into his conservatory and died.

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