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Shortening a .223

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1 hour ago, BenBhoy said:

What £££ did that set you back if you don't mind my asking?

It was under £100 but it was along time ago maybe 8 yr back now the 223 was, I believe 24 or 25 inch barrel and as I say mine was taken down to 19 inch the picture shows the 223 above the hornet,which has a 21 inch barrel the hornet case marks the original barrel length of the Remi ,


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Shortening a barrel can result in differing effects. One of the worst unknowns is how the barrel harmonics are going  to be effected. There may be no noticeable difference but a gun that is accurate can be altered so that is F'd.  when fired a barrel whips and the bullet needs to exit the muzzle at the mid point of the whip oscillation to be the most accurate and consistent.  At one time there was a device like a threaded tube that could be used to tune a barrel to the sweet spot. I added a silencer to my 223 which when fitted converted it from a near one hole group at 100 paces to a gun that couldn't put 5 shots on an A4 sheet of paper at 30 paces. Once you've cut the barrel you can't put it back on and a barrel counterweight might have to be adapted to stabilise it.  this would be a case of trial and error. Another way might be to use a different bullet weight or speed to adjust it.  It's all a dark art.  Don't forget the barrel would need to be recrowned after the cutting. There might be videos on YouTube to show the barrel whip.

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