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What's cooking?

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Family get together at ours, so a bit of a spread.. 13 hour cooked brisket, slow cooked pork shoulder.. Home made coleslaw, stuffing, roasties... and a 2 day hangover! Lol

Treat off my dad tonight, he's a friend on the fresh fish stall up town... Scallops and lemon sole fillets...

Rabbit Pie ! And, for the purists, made with shortcrust pastry, NOT puff pastry ! 😂 ! Cheers.

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Gone for pot roast beef today as the missus was meant to be back from holiday, that might not be the case now because they have diverted the incoming plane and told them a 2 1/2 hour delay at the minute because a cyclone has hit the Canaries, more for me 😁



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35 minutes ago, TOMO said:

little tip for you Stavross...saves on washing up .....vege all in one pan...carrots first cook for 15 mins...then add broccoli...then cabbage for the last few mins

Fu*k washing up, I did enough of that in my last house, made sure I had one of these when I moved 👍


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2 hours ago, TOMO said:

must be a disease spreading threw the south west....first newkid...now you...Arry be next followed by Greyman..

Thats not going to happen Lol.

Firing a chicken sandwich back my neck after ferreting.

Ferreting don't ask Lol.

Cheers Arry

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6 hours ago, mC HULL said:

back from walk to a 8113D961-06E4-4256-BFF2-48F1D71734ED.png.09a7c364053f1d83768b2f83660715dd.pngbrekkie more your style been a big un like me self tomo 😂 facking veggie wrap 😂 

Did she throw the beans at it from.tne other side of the room?? 😁

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