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What's cooking?

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Treat off my dad tonight, he's a friend on the fresh fish stall up town... Scallops and lemon sole fillets...

Rabbit Pie ! And, for the purists, made with shortcrust pastry, NOT puff pastry ! 😂 ! Cheers.

Working in the rain all day.... venison stew with suet dumplings in a giant Yorkshire pud and a whole meal bap..

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2 hours ago, Daniel cain said:

Cheers Jon👍...not dreamed since I was a kid😁

Its fecking wild when you stop the green and the dreams come back isn't it?

Good luck with it pal :thumbs:

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On 04/05/2022 at 19:00, Daniel cain said:

Everything pal👍

Well in I ain’t smoked for 3 months first few weeks horrible but fresh as fcuk now past the sweating dreaming downer stage back in the gym. Good luck 

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On 04/05/2022 at 19:06, kanny said:

I'm two months in , not had a solid night's kip since I stopped,  mind i wasn't the best sleeper on it .

Dreams are nutz 😆

Didn’t have prob sleeping this time around but when I stopped  before couldn’t sleep for shit. 

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