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Daughter: Dad, can we have a McDonald's today?

Dad: (tired and a bit grumpy after a 67hr week) No, it's shit.

Daughter: Ok, can we have your pineapple burgers?


15 minutes later...... burgers made with minced beef, fried red onions, olive oil, and salt and pepper, topped with a fried pineapple ring, grilled with mozzarella on the top and, put in a bun with lettuce and Hellmans burger sauce.


A bit later........


Daughter: Dad....

Dad: Yeah....

Daughter: I'm glad we didn't have McDonald's. 

Dad - pretty pleased with himself  :thumbs:





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Rabbit Pie ! And, for the purists, made with shortcrust pastry, NOT puff pastry ! 😂 ! Cheers.

Treat off my dad tonight, he's a friend on the fresh fish stall up town... Scallops and lemon sole fillets...

Working in the rain all day.... venison stew with suet dumplings in a giant Yorkshire pud and a whole meal bap..

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There is Ribeye under the onion and pepper corn sauce Lol. The white coleslaw is celeriac which I've been growing for the first time and I was nice to be fair.


Cheers Arry

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3 minutes ago, FLATTOP said:

Got a feast there mate very nice, good smoke ring showing there as well the smokers are really good bits of kit. 

Cheers im over the moon with the smoker I've had a great day from farmshop to putting it in my face , even the mrs says it's best present I've ever had...... she's not cooking 🤔

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Top side beef joint, pot roasted in beef stock, veg stock, thyme, shallots, carrots, tomato purée, black pepper corns ( that lot turned into gravy) cream mash potato, rosemary, thyme and garlic roast spuds, sage and black pepper yorkie puds and a bit of veg, worth the effort but I’ve wrecked the kitchen  👍 


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