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Lurcher pup wanted

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Had a bitch bred this way and she would make fast dogs look slow unbelievable acceleration and top end speed and could maintain it had the best strike mouth I ever seen on a dog I dont think I will ev

So just a fast soft mouthed ,good at daytime longuns, lamps ferrets marks good in cover ,retrieve live 2 hand rhfd brilliant feet ,full UK driving licence  Worra bout teeth ffs😁

this bitch    

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1 hour ago, Kalibrgun said:

Think your pissing in the wind if you've had a real good dog that stood out to you you'll never replicate or replace it I've been there and done it myself . I wouldn't be too worried about the lightly built bitch and bigger boned dog you'll get a nice in between yeah some may be bigger than others but in general they'll even out. 

Yes mate she was good to me. But She didnt retrieve. My fault. Didnt work cover too well but did mark bang on like her brother duke. 

Forget breeding..... anyone got a dog that doing daytime regular, lamping and ferreting. Retrieving live to land, Marks spot on. Has brilliant feet and works cover. 

I know most dogs have something they lack at. I know I'm asking alot but thought we could find something close to what I'm after lol 

I should have bred Bud and Gem when I had chance. That's my advice to someone with a decent dog these days. If it's really doing well dont hesitate to breed. 

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1 hour ago, Andrewreynoldshunting said:

Good enough mate. One guy spoke highly of his. But he had to be pts. Took all deer except red and fallow stags. Regularly caught hares on lamp.

My pup died at 16 weeks. 

Nipper died when he was 3 years to cancer. He was doi g well too. I had him back from a lad. He injured his shoulder. But the following season he was doing well. Best night he caught 18 rabbits and 3 hares.

One bitch I lost contact with owner. 

Other bitch turned out well from what I heard. 

The other bitch was decent too. Vid of her 


Spot on andrew hope you get what your after 👍

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21 minutes ago, Black neck said:

So just a fast soft mouthed ,good at daytime longuns, lamps ferrets marks good in cover ,retrieve live 2 hand rhfd brilliant feet ,full UK driving licence 

Worra bout teeth ffs😁

Get it to the dentist every 6 months, for a check up 🙂

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2 hours ago, Andrewreynoldshunting said:

No mate. Not my cuppa tea. Good luck to the lad though. 

I want a bitch around 24 tts. Plus I want to see what the dogs done. 

Why don't you find someone that has a fast lurcher x lurcher of around 24" tts, and try to organise the breeding? 

You could be searching for a long time, looking for an 'exact' type/cross.

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