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Lurcher pup wanted

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Hello guys I'm after a pup this year. I would like something similar bred to my old bitch GEM. She was saluki grey collie whippet grey. Best dog I have had. 

I could breed from my current dog BUD  and my cousins dog LASS. But even though both dogs are decent I would like something more suited to my hunting. Both parents need to be good daytime aswell as lamp and good ferreting dogs. 

What does everyone think to me breeding these two together. Lass and Bud? I would like a bitch but wouldnt like it to turn out like lass daytime but would like it to be like her on the lamp. If a pup had best of both we would do alright but it doesn't happen like that does it. 

We also have the option of using Duke, anyone got anything similar bred? Saluki collie whippet grey. 

So anyone breeding anything like I'm after? 




Lass and Gem








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Had a bitch bred this way and she would make fast dogs look slow unbelievable acceleration and top end speed and could maintain it had the best strike mouth I ever seen on a dog I dont think I will ev

So just a fast soft mouthed ,good at daytime longuns, lamps ferrets marks good in cover ,retrieve live 2 hand rhfd brilliant feet ,full UK driving licence  Worra bout teeth ffs😁

this bitch    

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Get bud x lads mate take a pup try it out if it don’t work out go down fetching a pup in your never know if the breeding will gel or not if you don’t try it you never know mate that could be your best dog  out of them two your never know if you don’t try it 

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10 minutes ago, poxon said:

Get bud x lads mate take a pup try it out if it don’t work out go down fetching a pup in your never know if the breeding will gel or not if you don’t try it you never know mate that could be your best dog  out of them two your never know if you don’t try it 

Who’s the better dog out of bud an duke Andrew?

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18 minutes ago, nothernlite said:

I think.you would know yourself after all.youve ran the dogs ffs 😂😂😊

Lass isn't a daytime dog. But good rabbit dog. Literally run all night and never had a single injury from her relaxed clever style of running. Ideal if all I wanted was a rabbit dog. But I dont. I want daytime too. 

Bud has not been worked to his full potential over the years. But hes done well daytime. Boxing at times and plenty of speed. But again hes not done enough to say hes good enough to breed from. Duke was good too, great strike, good at marking. Soft mouth. Made it look effortless but again didnt get enough work. Just did well when he did. 

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Is anyone breeding any workers to workers. If not now, possibly in the future? And I mean work regular. In my opinion they really do need enough saluki and collie to make them excel in the hunting I do. But not too much they lack in acceleration and top end speed. That's why I dont want to breed from two dogs with different abilities and hope to get something in the middle. Ideally I want a dog which both parents are capable of doing what I'm after. 

Ideally not just say it. Actually prove it. Pics,, video or by invite. Imo the dogs dont need to be any older than 3. The more seasons under their belts the better but more importantly regular work. 

I dont expect someone to own two dogs capable of this. But does someone have a bitch or dog they would like to breed from? That are the dogs I have in mind.  

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Also my cousin brandon really would like a pup from Lass before it's too late. However hes not in a position to keep a pup. If you havent seen the videos of her working then I can assure you shes a cracking rabbit dog. 

So my other question is who has an appropriate stud dog (any pics) that would like a pup from her? 

Would anyone else like a pup from her?

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36 minutes ago, Black neck said:

Reckon your gone have 2 breed your own or at least use 1 o your dogs or bitches ,or is that what u said I'm confused its the yogurt

If nobody on this forum or facebook is considering breeding then yes I will breed from my own. I think I would prefere to find the right bitch and either use bud or duke if someones willing to have pups. 



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