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Swansea Jack

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13 minutes ago, Loton Moocher said:

Got no pups now youngest is 5 and be my last had a few over the last 30yrs but only one kc he was never a earth dog but made some cracking lurchers the one above out the same lines but way back

We didn’t put any of our stuff too greyhounds mate they were all too small for Lurcher breeding

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16 hours ago, Loton Moocher said:

Most working beddys have ND stuff in them mine do anyway ,but not only his as he wasn’t the only bloke breeding working beddys ,if you take a look at most working beddys W papers you will see most are closely related ,and the f1 retrieving a duck ain’t shy of teeth either to me a lurcher that don’t retrieve is as good as ash tray on a motor bike , oh the laughing face was indicating how right you were about the revival of the so called W beddy is only used for rats .

Bit off topic but i remember a wheaten grey, hard as nails but also retrieved to the gun, he was trained by a shooter that liked working dogs too

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20 hours ago, Bobo said:

I’m sure i got a wheaten x off him, would that be right Coco? His name Nigel??

That might have been when he lived down Devon way mate he did offer me a Lurcher but I had enough here you could be right he went too Devon with 2 bedlington hybrids plus a Russell atb

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On 24/01/2021 at 21:35, Bobo said:

I’m sure i got a wheaten x off him, would that be right Coco? His name Nigel??

Be out of a litter sister to this dog, if it was anything like him then it was hard! 


SJ's into Spaniels these days. 

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