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How's the season been for you?

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Hope everyone is keeping well both physically & mentally too during these uncertain times..just wondering how you all have done regarding working your dogs this past season what with all the restr

Best season had in a long time , plenty about probably cause rifle boys aren’t driving the roads in the evening or not travelling , young bitch has turned it on and become exactly what I hoped ! Old b

I’ve this young bitch she’s 19months old now it’s her first season she’s doing very well for me considering the lack of rabbits she’ll ferret/lamp/mooch for me I love her attitude to work she’s provin

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started ok for me....but went down hill....lol....the main estate we do didnt want us on when the lockdown hit in nov.....then back on for a few week then off again with tier 4 ristrictions and now lockdown again....

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Very lucky in the fact that I can walk out my door and be gone for a couple of hrs with the pup. Obviously he’s too you to start serious hunting but he’s been out nigh on every day learning as he goes, he’s had quite a bit of gear in his mouth already and I’m more than happy with the way he’s progressing... roll on next harvest 😄


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Poor year for me, can't travel much so just a bit of local lamping with the odd daytime jaunt, only got one running at the mo which helps, hopefully next year all the game will be showing good numbers and we can get out and about a bit more.

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1 hour ago, Runner96 said:

Hasn’t changed much for my self. Still manage to sneak as and when I want. Only difference is that I haven’t been out with others just on my todd. 



That dog always looks in good nick mate, fair play 👍

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Been lucky finding plenty of work for the dogs what I call local but if we're only going local or like at the weekend traveling off we go in our own motors. Three motors for three men going ferreting 😂 but we do what we have to do 👍.

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Older bitch has done ok, tried a few things and apart from a bit of yelping when she got nibbled not taken a step back. Big lad has come on well, done everything asked from him and not a fault. He isn’t a great rabbit dog though some days he misses little. Not much game around local and not able to travel has hit us hard. 

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