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Living with a cocker

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I am looking at sourcing a pup to work alongside my little terrier and lurcher and would like to give a cocker a go, as Iam rough shooting more and more and have always fancied one to train up. I am lucky in that I own a dog walking co and am out daily covering the miles so can offer plenty of exercise when it’s not working. My question really is more about living with one, having walked a fair few and there xs I can see they can do a job, but having been used to mainly owning and growing up with lurchers and terriers, I like the fact they have an off button when not working. I put this down to predominantly good structure and exercise but I have always found them chilled types. Peoples experience with living with spaniels appreciated atb 

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Yes I meant living with as during off time in the home. I am not a fan of dogs flying around the house prating around lol tbh barring when they are very very young I don’t encourage any play indoors at all. It has worked for me as the dogs I have had (variety of different types) have been very chilled out indoors. As I say I have always exercised my dogs well and put the chilled ness down to this as apposed the breeding, but not having owned a spaniel before I wasn’t sure if they have an off button

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