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for those into rave

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think these pics were taken the same night...I think it's savanna next to mambo ...I was working there for a party in think it was...

see if you can guess the celebs with my mrs


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Whats she doing thats so special?pushuing autocue buttons and twisting a few buttons for effect.Seamlessly cueing up and mixing vinyl is a skill but what these modern DJ birds are doing aint anything

Not a patch on Garyoke from our village. 

this girl is a beast  

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Mine would be Evil Eddie Richards when he plays his proper early acid stuff.Matthew B AKA Bushwacka,Always supertight with such a massive crossover of tunes and styles and always pulls out a couple of tunesthat make you go"f**k I forgot about this one".A Dj who Ive always apreciated as a music producer but didnt realise how good he was as a DJ untill the last few years where since seeing him once I made a point of seeing him whenever he played in kent was Andrew Wetherall.Such a shame when he died last year as Id only had one of my best nights out in years seeing him do a 5hr set just a month before.

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2 hours ago, TOMO said:

depends on the type of house music....but i really liked Tiesto....

in Sheffield there was a club called neche ....that played a lot of base line house.. speed garage...and they had few dj that wernt really that well known in the big scheem of things that i thought were banging....

You saying about guys who aint big names.Ive got a pal who started DJing in the 80s who was part of a group that included Colin Dale,Colin Favour,Eddie Richards etc.Around 1990 he came down to kent from Croydon to play at one of our parties and ended up getting a bird up the spout.Whilst the others went on to be well known professional Djs he stayed down her and became a painter and decorator and just Djd and and produced stuff as a hobby..Ive seen him so many times outplay big name DJ's and take parties that are pretty dead and within 3 or 4 tracks have everyone up having it with people dancing on tables.He has such a skill at reading a crowd and knowing what they want.Ive even seen a very well known DJ  not want to go on after him.

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38 minutes ago, TOMO said:

not a cricketer....not even a sportsman.....

clue ......hes a tv presenter

1 & 3 were easy, but I’m struggling with 2 ? Great pics by the way 👍

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The DJ thing kind of went over my head really. I’m sure I saw many top DJs back in the day, but I either can’t remember or weren’t really interested in their names. 
My claim to fame was seeing Pete Tong DJ at Twilo in New York. Was he any good? f**k knows! Too busy with a girl from Queens 😁

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I quite liked pete tongue...got you in the mood on  Friday night on the essential selection...and Danny rampling ..

a clue for the tall lass ....

"by heck"

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